Virtual Indonesia launched

After its launch at LIPI (Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia /The Indonesian Institute of Sciences) in Jakarta last April, Virtual Indonesia is now also launched in the Netherlands.

Virtual Indonesia gives access to the Recording the Future (RtF) audiovisual collection at KITLV in Leiden. This collection of almost 500 hours is the result of a data generating research project that started in 2003. At eight locations in Indonesia daily life is recorded every 4 years.

Repetitive recordings in streets and on crossroads and recordings of themes like healthcare, education and religion, will enable future researchers to study every day life in Indonesia in a comparable way. Present day researchers can use the RtF-audiovisual collection as a preparation for their fieldwork and as an extra source of information. Students can use the RtF-collection to conduct virtual fieldwork.

With Virtual Indonesia and the RtF-audiovisual collection KITLV meets the demands of contemporary researchers and audiences for more visual information.

The Virtual Indonesia application with direct access to the original footages can be entered at the KITLV reading room in Leiden. In Indonesia Virtual Indonesia can be accessed at PDII-LIPI and the KITLV office.

For more information on the Recording the Future project, see or mail Fridus Steijlen (