Vacature: PhD position in History of Science and Medicine at the University of Groningen

The History Department is seeking a PhD candidate for the project ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’. The project is part of the VIDI research program on ‘Vital Matters. Boerhaave’s Chemico-Medical Legacy and Dutch Enlightenment Culture’, funded by NWO, the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research.

The PhD candidate will be part of a research team investigating how the chemistry of Herman Boerhaave, the eighteenth-century medical ‘teacher of Europe’, became pivotal in Dutch Enlightenment medicine. The Ph.D. project focuses on the work of Boerhaave’s Dutch followers and seeks to analyse the chemical practices at the root of eighteenth-century medical theories on the bodily humours. At the same time it investigates the ‘Boerhaavian’ Enlightenment body as a series of problems and debates where social, cultural, medical and material concerns intersected and continuously challenged the nature and understanding of the body. For more information see: