Thank you for agreeing to act as a referee for BMGN – The Low Countries Historical Review.

About the journal

BMGN – The Low Countries Historical Review presents the history of the Netherlands (North and South) to the international forum of scholarship. The journal has an A-status (European Science Foundation). It contains both Dutch and English articles and reviews. BMGN – LCHR also gives an overview of the current state of research in the form of discussions and an extensive review section. All articles are reviewed by the editors and by external referees from home and abroad. The journal publishes the work of established scholars and assists new researchers with their first articles. Subjects cover a wide temporal span (from the early Middle Ages to the 21st century). The submission of articles from a variety of approaches is encouraged (including social, economical, political, urban, intellectual and cultural history).

Articles are up to 8,000 words including references. Members of the editorial board: Professor J.C. (James) Kennedy (chair); Dr. M. (Marieke) Bloembergen; Professor A.-L. (Anne-Laure) Van Bruaene; Dr. G. (Geert) Janssen; Professor J.P.B. (Joost) Jonker; Professor J. (Jan) De Maeyer; Professor P. (Peter) Romijn; Professor C.G. (Catrien) Santing.
BMGN – LCHR is published by The Royal Netherlands Historical Society (KNHG). The Society works closely with the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), The Huygens Institute for Netherlands History (Huygens ING) and the International Committee of Historical Sciences (ICHS/CISH). See for further details.

General notes for referees

When you assess the paper it is important to consider both the structure and content. We ask that you consider:

  • General structure and organization
  • Coherence and general flow of ideas
  • Sources and interpretation
  • Interdisciplinary/comparative perspective
  • Contribution and originality

The following points should be taken into consideration, recognising that not all the points apply to every paper and that some papers may prompt additional questions:

  • Is the title suitably informative?
  • Are the objectives of the work clearly stated?
  • Are the methods clearly described?
  • Are the conclusions concisely presented?
  • Does the author refer to the relevant literature?
  • Does the paper provide anything new either in the way of evidence or interpretation to what is already known in the field?
  • Does the paper discuss an issue of current concern in the field?
  • Are the arguments sound?

Overall evaluation of the paper:

  • Merits publication in the journal as it stands or with minor revision.
  • Requires some revision before further consideration for publication.
  • Requires major revision and possibly further substantive research before any consideration for publication.
  • Is not suitable for publication in BMGN – LCHR. (Please indicate it if might be suitable for another journal).

Do please suggest improvements, and indicate any errors which should be tidied up before publication.

Your report and recommendation will be treated in strict confidence. However, we hope you will not mind if we feel it worthwhile to pass on all, or part, of your comments to the author anonymously.

Please let us have your comments within six weeks.


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